Finding Sustainability

May 17, 2014

I’m in a Best Western Inn in Russellville, AL tonight, and I’m glad to be here. I rode 73 miles today on some really nice roads, but I had some serious fatigue happening in my legs early on. I mentioned that in a tweet (I don’t get it but I do it) , and I was happy to get some good advice from my new twitter friend Jeremy (@PedalJRayPedal for those of you who understand twitterspeak) about keeping my legs operational. He said high cadence plus low load equals happy legs. What that means is that you go in to a lower gear so you move your legs faster but with less effort. It’s the way to keep going.

I’m ready for sleep, so I can keep going, but finding the path of sustainability is always a wise move. I have my longest day before me tomorrow. I may not make my intended destination, but if I do it will be because someone helped me understand how I can best proceed.

I’m thinking that’s what most of us do most days — we figure out how to to best proceed in the most sustainable manner. That’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I’m guessing you will too. God bless us all in our various pursuits!


One Response to “Finding Sustainability”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thompson I love reading your blogs every day to stay connected to you. i don’t know how to tweet so I feel like i am missing out on some of your adventure. Jack was really worried about you yesterday and called me twice to discuss and he made me feel like I was not being a good sister by not worrying as much as he is. I am concerned about your well-being but not worried if that makes sense as I know (hope) you will use good judgement if you can’t make your goal each day. I have to split my concern energy between you, Sarah in Indonesia, and Evan as I contemplate and mourn watching him play his last game–i think that will be harder for me than graduation. He has learned how to focus like a lazer which is amazing to me at such a young age–but I think that is why daddy nicknamed him granite head when he was 2–when he puts his mind on something he is very firm about it. At 2 it was daddy’s tools in the back of his truck and resisted heartily everytime we tried to pull him away–which was every time he saw daddy’s truck.

    Be safe and know I love you so much.

    Your concerned sister,

    Ps my phone died a real death yesterday so until I can get a new one I will have to communicate by email. if you need us text or call Neil’s phone 501-276-0999

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