Living Large!

May 16, 2014

I was happy to have a lighter day today — it was only 58 miles to Tupelo, and that gave me a chance to have a nice breakfast with Rev. Warren Black of University UMC in Oxford. I made that connection through his daughter, Elizabeth, who often attends QQUMC.

It was a pleasure to meet and visit with him, and he helped me see what a valuable journey this is for me. This isn’t something I haven’t thought about, but it was nice to hear it articulated by him. It was easy for him to see the value of this trip for my work in ministry, and it was nice to get this message from someone who understands this work so well.

What has become so clear to me is how fortunate I am to have this opportunity. There are a lot of costs to this journey that are falling to other people, and I’m incredibly grateful to those of you who are keeping the machines running at home and at work while I’m out riding a bicycle. I’ve also been so well treated by friends and family who have fed and housed me along the way. I am surrounded by saints!

I don’t know if I am up for 8 more days of riding, but I know I’m ready for another one tomorrow! I have such a nice community of people pulling for me and praying for me. I love getting to meet new people. It’s wonderful to reconnect with friends and family from the past. But I’m overwhelmed by the love and grace I am being given by my home family, my church family, and my family of friends. It’s incredible to me that I’m able to take this time to do this thing.

Thank you God! Thank you people! I am one grateful bicycle-riding man!


One Response to “Living Large!”

  1. anneholcomb Says:

    It’s a beautiful day here — hope the wind is at your back and the sun is shielded by peekaboo clouds wherever you are. Oh yeah, and no rumblestrips! Geez! David and I are going riding down by the river this afternoon — will think of you!

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