Our Sweet Home

May 24, 2014

I’m sitting on the Atlantic beach. It’s 10:30ish. I don’t have my tent set up, but I can’t pull myself away from the sound of the ocean. I feel so grateful to be here. I’m not sure how many miles I’ve travelled over the last 12 days, but it’s been a long journey. Bad things could have happened, but they didn’t. I honestly didn’t know if I would make it until I arrived. It’s been a fragile journey, and it’s been a wonderful experience.

I’m not sure how this will translate back in to my normal routine, but I have this renewed sense of the benevolence of God. I know that horrible things transpire on our planet, and I’m not particularly fond of the way things generally operate, but I have a renewed sense that mmost people want to do the right things.

I guess all I really know is that I have been dealt a fair hand. No, I have been dealt a better hand than most of the people who share our planet. I don’t understand much about the big picture, but I am grateful for the role I get to play. I haven’t operated in my normal role of minister, but riding a bicycle from one spot to another hasn’t been a radical departure from what I normally do — which is to interact with people about whatever it is that seems to matter.

I was touched by the woman who checked me in to the campground tonight. She was amazed that I had come on a bicycle from Little Rock — as I was! I got her to sign my ticket. I love interacting with people. That’s what I get to do as a pastor. That’s what I’ve gotten to do as a bicycle traveller.

I’m tired. I’m grateful. And I’m going to go to sleep on the Atlantic beach — a pretty far bicycle ride from Little Rock.

Blessings to you wherever it is that you may be going to sleep!


8 Responses to “Our Sweet Home”

  1. Donna Smith Says:

    So happy to have read about your journey. I am glad I know you!

  2. Sharon Says:

    Thankfully you made it whole–in more ways than one. I look forward to future sermons that, in your inimitable style, weave lessons learned from your journey into lessons for all of us!
    Continued traveling mercies as you find your way home. (BTW, how’s your bum?!!!) Sharon

    • twmurray Says:

      Thank you — I’m ready to get home! My bum is actually better than my bottom lip. It’s a bit of a solar collector and in spite of my efforts to protect it it got a bit scorched. But not so bad. See you soon!

  3. Pratt Says:

    So deeply glad you are resting safe and sound on the beach. Yea for the decent humans who helped you along the way, for good bike tires, and for your strong heart ! Love to you from southern Wisconsin where the spring is a month behind Little Rock’s and where the days are almost an hour longer than where you sit by the Atlantic sea, here on our round planet where we live and bike. Pratt

    • twmurray Says:

      Sounds like you are in a good place on the ball! I look forward to seeing you. I often remembered your advice to breath as I was nearing the tops of hills!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    We are really relieved and happy that you had an overall good journey and we have loved living through you vicariously. It will be terrific to know you are safe and sound at home.

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