Finding Sanctuary

May 19, 2014

So my ride began in the rain this morning, and it rained steadily for the first 15 miles which probably took close to 2 hours. I had three different layers of gloves, but none of them were much help with cold or rain. Consequently my fingers were freezing and the rest of me was ready for a break from the rain. I was on a series of nice country roads, and that was pleasant enough, but there weren’t any public establishments. I remembered that I had the capacity to make coffee, so I began looking for a potential shelter. It wasn’t long before I came across an abandoned house with a highly overgrown carport full of junk, but there was some open space, a place to set up my stove, and something to sit on. It made me so happy. I wouldn’t have wanted to hang out any longer than necessary, but it provided me with a much needed refuge.

I guess I was sitting in there during the time I’m usually in worship, but I was worshipping God in my own way this morning. I know people often say they can best worship God out in nature, and I don’t fully disagree, but I think that’s generally used as an excuse for simply doing something they would rather do than attend worship. That’s ok, but honesty is always good. I believe there are many sacred spaces for us to find outside of the church building, but I also love the way we gather on Sundays.

What occurs to me is that finding a sense of sanctuary has less to do with where you are, but who you are with. The greatest sense of being in a safe and secure place has more to do with who you are with, and what those people are like., than with where you are. In theory, you shouldn’t be able to find a greater sense of sanctuary than with people who try to follow Jesus. It isn’t always the case in reality, but it’s a worthy effort even though none of us live like disciples all of the time.

Part of the security I have felt on this trip is the wonderful community of people who are paying attention to what I’m doing. I don’t think I would have enjoyed my coffee so much this morning if I hadn’t thought that I could share the story with someone. I feel very blessed in that regard.

My rainy morning turned in to a beautiful afternoon and I rode thirty miles on the most wonderful path. It’s called the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama and the Silver Comet Trail as it crosses in to Georgia. It was built on an old railroad bed. I’ll be riding on it almost all the way in to Atlanta tomorrow. I put in 60 miles today, which was a bit of a break, and I’m enjoying the fine accommodations of a Holiday Inn Express in Cedarville, GA. I’m sure I’m going to sleep so well tonight I may not be able to stop riding tomorrow!



7 Responses to “Finding Sanctuary”

  1. Donna Smith Says:

    I have loved reading about your travels.

  2. Tim Says:

    Go Thompson Go! One week down and it looks like Charleston is well within your reach. May the wind stay at your back.

    • twmurray Says:

      Thanks! So far I haven’t encountered any trip-ending obstacles and it’s still fun. Our conversation was very helpful. Take care.

  3. Louis & Sandy Says:

    Tompson since we are not on Twitter we will follow your blog. Enjoy your adventures while you can. You will not regret the things you do only the things you never get to do. Be safe!! Have a coffee for me.

  4. Lynn Rockenbach Says:

    Shelter from the storm…and a chair. Often that’s grace.

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