A Beautiful Day!

May 13, 2014

I’m feeling like a kid on a new playground! I was accompanied from our house to the peak of the Clinton Bridge by my son, Lucas, where we enjoyed an early morning view of our fine city. I was also greeted at the Clinton Library by my friend Lynn Hamilton who wished me well.

It wasn’t an easy day, but it was a great day. The wind was wide open from out of the south and I was heading either east or south. If the wind can be compared to the spirit of God I can testify that it’s not so good to run perpendicular to it — much less against it! I hope I don’t have to meditate on that tomorrow.

Though the wind was was a problem — I enjoyed being out in it. My bicycle held up well, I encountered lovely people, and I was greeted by a small group of deer pouncing across a field and in to the bayou as I approached the old White River Bridge at Clarendon.

I may not be able to move in the morning, but I’m feeling great right now. I only have to go 45 miles tomorrow to get to Helen/West Helena where I will get to stay with friends. I’m a grateful and fortunate man!

And one more thing — congratulations to all of the same-sex couples who were able to get married today! I understand we have several newly married couples in our church and and I’m so happy about that. I look forward to the day when I can be a part of those ceremonies!



7 Responses to “A Beautiful Day!”

  1. Earl Jones Says:

    Weather looks better east once you clear Clarendon.

  2. Jim Wohlleb Says:

    Great report from e Ark with good photos. Monday certainly was a good day for hemophilic preachers–lots of business!

  3. Lynn Rockenbach Says:

    Something about old men building bridges to assist young men to cross: The very narrow Big White River Bridge at Clarendon (on the National Historic Register) is the target of an attempt to preserve it as a bike/ped only bridge after the completion of a new highway bridge nearby. It’s a long shot, but maybe…
    Also, I attended a presentation last Saturday on the Memphis Harahan Bridge Project, which will create bike/ped crossing of the Mississippi River at Memphis for the first time, oh, I don’t know, maybe ever. This one is scheduled for completion in probably one or two years. So next time… Meantime, happy travel.

    • twmurray Says:

      I’m glad to know of these attempts to preserve and create new opportunities to make those crossings. Thanks for letting me know. I’m all for keeping that White River Bridge. I would have loved to stand there and ponder the site longer, but I really didn’t want to be there with traffic.

  4. Pratt Remmel Says:

    Hi Thompson. Paul Brown sends you his very best wishes for your trip.
    He is in St Vincents, will be in surgery for three h ours tomorrow afternoon, Wed, to remove a cyst on his back that is the reason for his legs having so much pain, there will be some fusing of discs etc. its rather major surgery but he has been in a lot of pain but lying in hospital bed is not hurting, just when he walks.. Was with him in hospital tonight, we had a good visit. he really liked me reading your first blog entry about leaving LR. going to Clarendon. me too. I also gave him a blow up of a photo that Lynn Hamilton took of your and your loaded bike about to go up on the bridge at the Clinton School.

    One of Paul’s cardiologists will be at the surgery tomorrow afternoon just in case his heart acts up but all is expected to go well. he said he has delt with some real fear before deciding to do this surgery but is hoping to make it through the surgery. We hugged each other good bye as some friends of his showed up to visit, we said we loved each other, not sure we have ever said that, put on our big boy faces as we said good by there in 4007 St Vincents but at the same time I know we both realized that there is a more than a miniscule chance that we might never see each other again. This life is a drama…

    Keep at the bike trip to the Atlantic as long as you are able..

    This morning, I took photos, with their own phones, of three weddings in the rotunda at the Pulaski County courthouse.two lesbian weddings, and one with two young gay men.. the first two were officiated by Randy Eddy McCain.I was just a curious onlooker then realized that for each of the three weddings I witnessed no one was there to take photos. so when I asked it they had cell phones I got very pleased requests for me to use those phones to take photos. One couple , two women, had been together for 30 years. one was a retired MD, the other a retired nurse. Nice people. Happy to get married in their home state.. They live on Lake Catherine on land that my family used to own. Small world..

    later gator, Im a tired fellow and I bet you are double tired and sound asleep in a warm bed. me too soon. love, Pratt

    • twmurray Says:

      It’s true that I’m exhausted, but I’m glad to know of Paul’s situation. Thanks for such a nice report on him and of the weddings.you are a blessing!
      Love, Thompson

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